Aluminati Drops New Deck Shape: The Mullet



Introducing the Mullet, Aluminati’s first concave deck that features a longer length with a vintage style.  Part of Aluminati’s Ultra-Lite series with channels that advance performance while maintaining strength, flexibility, endurance and uniqueness, the Mullet offers a 28 inch deck with a 0.25 inch concave.  The Mullet shape is a throwback to vintage cruisers and is available with any graphic of your choice.


Mullet Dimensions:

Length: 28”

Width: 8.125”

Wheelbase: 18.5″



100% recycled air-craft aluminum with integrated grip

1/4″ Concave

5 ¼” Trucks

60mm Wheels

8/14” Wedge Risers

4mm Riser


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