Aluminati Skateboards Visits the January WSA Event

Supporting the January Western Surfing Association (WSA) event, Aluminati Skateboards set up bright and early January 14th and 15th, 2017, at 9th street, Huntington Beach. Due to the weekend’s water conditions, the event location was changed from Oceanside jetty to the 9th street location in Huntington Beach. Ready for action in the parking lot, the Aluminati girls provided complete skate decks to demo, helmets in hand. With such a great walk way on site, both kids and parents were able to personally demo our various board shapes and sizes without missing their heats.


While some surfers were crushing their heats, some were crushing the parking lot. Many brand new 2016 and 2017 decks were available to ride and demo, causing excitement and a lot of community conversation. A new way to ride is always exciting. Having the skateboards and helmets available between surf heats allowed groms and surfers of all ages to get acquainted with the new way to ride- on Aluminum! Introducing our brand to the community is really important to the team at Aluminati, and we are so stoked to see the brand grow in our beach cities. The WSA parents and adult surfers reported that Santa had already brought Aluminati skate decks to their homes for the holidays this season! The community feedback is strong and we are thrilled to announce our new 2017 fall designs soon.

WSA- 3 close up
Above all, it was a pleasure to see parents of WSA surfers we had met before, and thank you to the surfers who came by the Aluminati booth for the very first time. We are so proud of all of the boys, girls, men and women who competed in this event on Saturday January 14th and 15th and encourage everyone to stay stoked! Thanks for all of the community support! We will see you in February at the next WSA event in Huntington!
WSA-6 champs