Why Aluminum Skateboard Decks Are Better Than Plastic

Aluminum Skateboards
When you’re looking for a skateboard that will last a long time, take a beating, perform and look as great as it functions, you should choose a board made out of high-quality aluminum, not plastic.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum isn’t just a material found in most commercial aircraft; it’s an industrial substance used for everything from skyscrapers to NASA space vehicles. It can stand up to the toughest conditions and abuse, and still look and feel great. Aluminati aluminum skateboards are made to last, with an average lifespan of decades, not years.

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Aluminati aluminum skateboards won’t warp, melt, break or rust. They flex just like a wooden skate deck but are a LOT longer lasting and durable. They can be permanently imprinted with high-quality color artwork and graphics that won’t fade. Aluminum has a great strength-to-weight ratio, and unlike plastic, it isn’t made out of a precious natural resource; in fact, eight percent of the Earth’s crust is made out of aluminum.

Aluminati uses aluminum because it’s a sustainable element that can be infinitely recycled and reused, and it interfaces well with other metal parts. Aluminum has a positive impact on the world’s environment and economy; more than 75 percent of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Aluminum is a precision material, made for precision use. Think of an Aluminati aluminum skate deck as a high-performance transportation device like a bike or a motorcycle, not just as a piece of material.

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Why Not Plastic?

Plastic is a poor material choice for several reasons — it’s environmentally unsound, it’s not as durable, it won’t last as long and it can warp over time. Not to mention the fact that it has a cheap look-and-feel, and that as a material, it’s not made to interface well with metal parts.

Plastic is actually one of the worst substances you can use in a product from an environmental perspective. It’s true that plastic can be recycled like aluminum, but most of it isn’t — it gets thrown away and deposited in landfills, where it’s a toxic substance for the environment and wildlife. Supermarkets nationwide are starting to ban plastic bags for this reason, and many manufacturers are looking for alternatives to plastic in their products.

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Plastic can warp over time if it’s left in direct sunlight, and any abuse can leave nasty scratches, cracks and/or marks that wear the material away; it’s not meant to be a resilient product. There’s a reason why DJs who spin records (which are made of vinyl, a kind of plastic) treat them like museum pieces; plastic is a relatively soft material that just doesn’t tolerate damage well.

In a nutshell, aluminum is tough; plastic is not — aluminum is strong where plastic is weak.

Aluminum is a material of the future; plastic is a material of the past. When you’re buying a skate deck, these are important qualities to keep in mind.

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