Best Cruiser Decks – Avoid the Problems of Plastic

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If you’re going to buy a cruiser deck, do you really want one that’s made from one of the cheapest, least durable materials in the world? Do you want to walk around and say, “Hey, check out my cool plastic skateboard!”

The fact of the matter is that plastic is a poor choice of material for a cruiser deck; it’s just not made to last.

Plastic is a controversial and “dirty” material worldwide, because it’s made from oil, one of the most fought-over and tainted commodities on Earth. Wars and conflicts are started over oil, a crude and volatile precious resource that the planet is rapidly running out of.

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Environmentally, plastic is a disaster; go to any landfill or garbage dump and you’ll see plastic bottles, toys, waste and bags all over the place, creating a toxic stew for our biosphere for years to come, endangering animals and polluting the soil.

Do you know that supermarkets everywhere are banning plastic bags because they’re horrible for the environment? Do you know there’s a place in the Pacific Ocean that’s over twice the size of Texas that’s basically just a swirling heap of plastic trash that found its way to the sea over the years and can’t dissolve? It can’t dissolve because plastic takes centuries or even millennia to do that.

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In the meantime, birds and fish ingest plastic and choke and die from it, and its waste is found in their remains. Even when plastic does finally degrade, it just gets redistributed in smaller and smaller particles, and it continues to be a cause of sickness for animal and plant life alike for decades (and eventually, for humanity, which depends on them for food).

Beyond being an environmental menace, plastic is just not a robust material. It’s not meant to be a “permanent” substance, from a production standpoint. Plastic is essentially a liquid that’s been solidified long enough to adapt to a molded form, but it could go back to being a liquid at practically a moment’s notice, due to its low melting point. Even just exposure to direct sunlight can be enough to deform and ruin plastic’s shape.

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Plastic isn’t made to take a beating like metal. It scratches, gouges, wears, fractures and warps. In short, it’s looked at in industrial settings as a “temporary” material that is not sturdy or reliable. In heat, it can melt and give off poisonous fumes. In cold, it can crack. It’s weak and brittle, soft and ephemeral. It’s a material of the past, not the future.

In short, do you really want a cruiser that’s made out of a weak, toxic, environmentally unfriendly substance? Do you want your skate deck to get shredded, cut up or look like hell because it’s made out of a cut-rate material that can’t take abuse?

Think of your cruiser as an investment — it’s something that you want be able to ride for years and get long-lasting value from. Save your time and your money and get an aluminum skateboard that’s more like a machine than a toy.

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