Happy Holidays From the Aluminati Fam

The Holidays are all about giving, even if its nothing more that a smile and warm wishes. We hope that this video shot in Bufadora mercado close to Ensenada Mexico, by our friends Dustin Keoni (www.dustinkeoni.com) and Jo Savage (www.josavagephoto.com) will give you the warm fuzzies like it did for us.

Here’s what Jo told us about the Trip:

“The kids were SO stoked. We were in Bufadora mercado. The kids said that new boards (or boards for that matter) never come through that area, and they were all beyond amped. And to get them for free – they couldn’t have been more grateful. At the end, one by one, they came and shook my hand and said “gracias”. Later, we saw one of the guys skating his board on the curved coastal road (I presume on his way home). Because we stopped several times, we passed him several times- as he had a long way to go. I’m sure he walks that route to and from work most days. With a board, now he can make the commute more quickly and with more enjoyment!”

-Jo Savage (www.josavagephoto.com)