Salt Life WSA Event #7, HB Pier Feb 18th &19th

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Aluminati visited the 7th event of the Salt Life WSA surf tour this weekend. On Saturday February 18th, crazy jumbled surf and breezy west winds made for a wild set-up day at the peak of this last weekend’s storm. Starting at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, on the southside of Huntington pier, the heats were off to a wild, but strong start. Some heats, including youth and women’s longboarding, as well as adaptive divisions were even pushed back to Sunday.

“After a day of challenging conditions, clouds and some rain – it started clearing up a bit just as the day ended,” WSA reported. Conditions were ‘looking up’ for Sunday.

WSA Longboarder 2/18-2/19 McDaniel

On Sunday the 19th, conditions were forecasted to range from chest-head high to overhead sets all day – strongest in the morning with occasional waves still hitting 2-3’ with overhead West swell energy. The surf was still a bit jumbled, but better organized than Saturday- with plenty of corners, sections, and peaks to pick off.

As forecasted, there were continuing winds all morning, with a moderate SW breeze in the afternoon, eventually making way for partly cloudy, and sunny skies. With all of the rain and jumbled conditions, WSA gives, “props to all the surfers that handled the surf […] – and especially the longboarders. It was pretty gnarly for them.”


Photos by: Jack McDaniel of WSA