Surf The Boardwalk With New Aluminati Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards

Aluminati has cruiser boards like the beach has sand! You won’t find a smoother ride or more solid boards for your outdoor excursions.

From the classic look of our A-Frame collection to the stripped-down appeal of our Basix line — from the portability of the Goby series to the surfboard-like shape of our Wingnut boards, Aluminati has you covered when it’s time to pick out your new cruiser.

If you want a tasty starter board that will zip you where you’re going in a hurry, our Basix lineup offers six colorful flavors of cruiser, in Bubblegum, Cherry Punch, Explosive Orange, Iced Blueberry, Krazy Kiwi and Lemon Twist. Two graphic options, a 24″ x 6″ deck, 78A 60mm wheels, 3.25-inch Aluminati trucks and Abec 7 bearings give these cruisers all the juice you need to cruise the boardwalk in style.

A-frame Cruiser BoardsIf you want something a little more chilled out and polished than a basic model, check out our Wingnut boards, with a surfboard-like shape and a stable ride. Surfboard-inspired graphics in four regular styles — bright-red Lifesaver, striped Stringer, Purple Sunset and vintage Tower 2 — and one Artist Series design, Brophy, all sport a 25.25″ x 8.375″ deck, 78A 60mm wheels, 5.25-inch Aluminati trucks and Abec 7 bearings. Wingnuts bring finesse to your flow that will be perfect for your journey, whether you’re surfing the town or fishing for new tricks.

If you want to keep a low profile, our Goby boards are just the thing for riders that want to slip their cruiser into a backpack or a locker, with a 24″ x 6″ deck, 78A 60mm wheels, 3.25-inch Aluminati trucks, Abec 7 bearings and inspired artwork in 15 distinctive styles — three collage, seven graphic and eight pattern — that speak much louder than their size. Get a Goby, and go places with minimal mass.

Goby Cruiser SkateboardsIf you really want to go all-out, our A-Frame collection brings your A-game to the street, with 17 diverse artwork options — six graphic, six photo-style, three drip-dye, one abstract and one collage — plus two Artist Series boards from J. Wright and Uberpup. The A-Frame is built with that wider look and feel for those who may think the Goby is a little too narrow but still retaining that classic Cruiser shape. A-Frames feature 24″ x 7″ decks, 78A 60mm wheels, 3.25-inch Aluminati trucks and Abec 7 bearings.

All Aluminati boards come with our exclusive S.I.C. (shreddable, integrated, clear) grip, so you can see what you’re riding. And of course, all Aluminati boards are made from recyclable aircraft-grade aluminum, for strength, stability and sustainability. Our scratch-resistant graphics won’t fade, and our boards won’t tear, gouge, crack, warp or break (unlike some of our competitors’). Our decks flex like wood, but have a higher strength-to-weight ratio and will last many times longer.

Aluminati boards are high-tech cruising machines of the future, engineered for top performance. Don’t wait to own a ride that’s righteous. Surf the boardwalk in style, and rock the deck that’s the next big thing in skateboarding.

Aluminati Skateboards